Plastic & Chip Cards


ID Choice offers an extensive range of cards:
– Blank ISO Standard 86 x 54mm x 0.76 in various colours
– Signature panel
– Magnetic Stripe in low & high-coercivity 300oe, 2750oe & 4000oe
– Chip/Smart and RFID cards (clamshell, isoprox & Mifare/DESfire)
– Large cards up to 140 x 88mm, or custom shapes and sizes
– Name tags and key tags (snap-apart in 2-up and 3-up)
– Adhesive-backed for putting ID details onto prox cards
– RFID adhesive stickers


We offer in-house, customised printing (see Card Bureau) or for higher volumes we can arrange cost-effective methods. Specialised printing means we can enhance the look of your cards without the high costs.

For ultra-secure cards we have a range of tamper-evident and security print features to stop fraudulent copying or misuse.

Contact us about all your card needs, graphic design services along with our mailing & distribution capabilities.